The place you need

Waiting room

A place where you can share moments between clients or coworkers. You will be able to find the best way to introduce your clients to your new work space, without losing the professionalism and privacy of a private place.

There is nothing like being able to be working or meeting with natural light.


The perfect complete kit to use individually or with a team. Perfect for those who do not have a laptop and need it as a work tool. Designers, Computer Scientists, Advisors and all those who offer a remote service. 

Here you can have the best performance. Meet people from different sectors who can help you and vice versa when it comes to projects. 

Meeting room

A room to give classes or meetings to groups of maximum 4 people. Includes a screen where you can put your presentations and videos, as well as a whiteboard to explain all of them, be more interactive and get the attention of whoever is with you.

In the meeting room you can do group work or even private classes.

Paris room

A space with six individual desks for up to two people. Perfect for teaching classes or making presentations to larger groups.

Includes a large marker board. It is also a classroom with lots of natural light.

London room

A class for large groups where group work will be much more comfortable due to the layout of the tables. You will also have a large blackboard and a projector. 

Here you can give free rein to your imagination if you want to teach or even do a project. The tables can be moved anywhere. 

Common zones

We also think about your moments of rest, and in them you can enjoy a balcony where you can get some fresh air, an enabled area, where you have a common fridge for all the coworkers. 

A printer/scanner/copier at your disposal. Document shredder. 

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